Sunday's snowstorm leaves hundreds of cars damaged

CREATED Dec. 9, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 10, 2013

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WAUKESHA - Christmas isn't looking so bright for Jonathan Luna. He got into an accident on I-94 when another car cut in front of him. He swerved into a ditch and hit a curb.


“This is actually my third winter accident to be precise,” states Luna.

Those accidents happened in previous winters. The cost to fix his car with used parts will be about $600. The bitter blast is keeping Express Towing in Waukesha very busy.

The average cost for their accident tow is $100.

The owner of the tow company towed at least 10 vehicles that were totaled. Sunday, the average wait for a tow truck was 2 hours. Meanwhile, Jonathan Luna plans on filing a claim with the insurance company. He was insured. The other driver, he says, fled the scene. He has some advice on how to avoid a situation like his.

“The number one tip is just to be safe,” advises Luna. “Drive slow. Make sure you have snow tires. Keep your lights on. Be wary of other people. Just because you’re safe doesn't mean the guy next to you is.”

Nathan McPherson of Mander Collision & Glass says it’ll take 2 to 3 days to fix a small fender bender, and 2 to 3 weeks for a big repair. He has been seeing very heavy damage.

“The ice on the roads just did a number on a lot of the cars out there,” says McPherson.

A lot of what he’s seeing is damage from front and rear-end collisions.