Summer practice rules change for high school football players

CREATED Aug 19, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- The "Two-a-day" practice is a rite of passage for many high school football players, but now the WIAA has finalized a new set of rules to make those summer practices safer and healthier for players. 

Wade Libecki of the WIAA says the practice plans have been worked on for a number of years. 
"We sat down with our doctors, coaches and WIAA Staff to figure out what works best for the climate and the style of football we have here in Wisconsin."
The plans, which are modeled after current NCAA rules, limit the amount of time student-athletes can have out in the field during the first few weeks of the summer, as well as how much contact is allowed in the practice. 
Libecki thinks the new practice plans are in the best interests of students playing the sport.
"I think that [student-athletes] will see the benefit of it and hopefully increase the number of kids playing football."
Libecki says the limited practices in the heat lead to less fatigue-related injuries, and also adds more free time for student-athletes away from demands on the football field. 
Libecki says parents, coaches, and players have largely had a positive response to the changes.