Students at now-closed Anthem College offered spot at Milwaukee Career College

CREATED Aug 25, 2014

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BROOKFIELD - It seems to be a victory. All students at the now-closed Anthem College in Brookfield will get to pursue their degrees elsewhere. An emergency meeting gave accreditation to a Milwaukee college to pick up the remaining programs.  

That accreditation has changed the lives of nearly 140 students. The decision allows them to go forward and finish up their classes at Milwaukee Career College. But, a few things remain unclear and that's got some students feeling unsettled.
It's the unknown that's got Cassandra Hadley feeling anxious.
"I'm very emotional. It's a very emotional subject for me. I mean, this is my life and a couple days ago, it just seemed like it was gonna be ripped away," said Hadley.
When Anthem closed its doors Friday, most programs were placed with other schools right away. But, not Cassandra's surgical tech or medical assistant diplomas. Those had to wait for proper accreditation. Now that Milwaukee Career College has it, students are waiting to hear the details from M.C.C. That could take two weeks. The waiting is difficult, especially for this young mom. She's just two classes shy of graduation.
"This was our life, this was our new beginning," said Hadley.
Even more difficult is that Cassandra doesn't know if her new school will offer night classes.
"We still don't know if they're gonna offer an evening class. And, for me, I work full time. There's another student in my class who also works full time during the day.We need the evening class," said Hadley.
We've been told Milwaukee Career College will have some restrictions with its new accreditation. Only the students from Anthem can pursue a surgical tech or medical assistant diploma here.  No new students will.
We did reach out to Anthem College. A representative called us back. They had worked hard to help students transition into a new school and were pleased when Milwaukee Career College was able to be accredited.