Strong winds, heavy rain damage Waukesha homes

CREATED Jul 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 30, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- Tuesday night's storm was short but fierce.

Residents in Waukesha said they felt like it lasted less than a minute, but it did enough damage to keep cleanup crews busy the whole day.

“I was so busy shutting windows and running around thinking, should I go in the basement?” said resident Della Dohmeyer. “It was here and gone so quick. It was like a mini tornado."

In another neighborhood, it was a similar scene. Bob Nakielski said he rushed home when the clouds darkened and the thunder cracked.

"And then a big whoosh came,” Nakielski said. “It was a howling sound, we looked out the back door and that's when we saw all the trees literally bent in half. That's when we saw branches and debris flying through the yard."

In the light of day, Nakielski saw his 30 foot pine tree that crashed to the ground.

Dohmeyer said she has already called the city to fix potential problems that could pop up. While she is concerned about the next big storm, she's also worried about a slab of sidewalk that's lifting off of the ground near her house.

The Waukesha Sheriff's Department said there were no power outages or injuries reported in Waukesha County.