Stolen violin discovered in Bay View home

CREATED Feb 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The stolen Stradivarius has been found, hidden in an attic. Now there's since the priceless violin is back in safe hands.

Police say Universal Allah and Salah Jones took the violin during an armed robbery. 
Police found the violin in a Bay View Home. Joe Van Roo lives in the neighborhood.  "That's pretty amazing, pretty expensive piece of musical equipment."
It took police only 10 days to find the famous Stradivarius that turns 300 years old next year.
TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson talked with Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn about the 24/7 investigation.  
Benson: What intrigued you about this, knowing that the world could be watching because this was a high profile violin?
Flynn: The prospects were daunting from the very beginning. 
A big break came after tracing the stun gun used in the armed robbery. Police say Universal Knowledge Allah bought the gun.
Next, a tip led them to Salah Jones. Police say he was the primary suspect. 
But after both were arrested investigators still had one big problem; Where was the violin?
"We needed that back," said Flynn.  "It wasn't just enough to make a case. We've got lots of robbers under arrest. This was significant because we needed to get the priceless piece of art back."
Flynn credits his team for making the final push to find it.  
Benson: At the end of the day was it just good old fashioned law enforcement? 
Flynn: It was the blocking and tackling of sifting through information - getting physical evidence - interviewing suspects - interviewing informants and getting to the right place and its a tribute to the members of the MPD we got there.
Police say the homeowner was not aware the suitcase in his attic included the stolen violin.