State Fair Expo Center’s most interesting items

CREATED Jul 31, 2014

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WEST ALLIS - The "Miracle Whisk" caught the attention of Sue Blahnik right away.

“I always wanted something that would whip quick, and in all honesty, my mom would bring us to the fair when we were kids and I’m watching demos in her memory,” she recalls.

Sue's not alone. Thousands will walk through the Expo Center during the run of the fair. Some to relax, and others to check out all the product demos.

John Glass says, “It’s my favorite part of the fair!  I always come and buy a few things.”

But do those things actually work? Sue says yes. “I still use some of the knives I bought 20 years ago.”

Check out the "Click it Hot or Cold." It's a compress that turns hot simply by clicking the corner and squeezing it.

Hannah Buser says, “It was really cool.”

Hannah and her friends are just looking around. When we asked if she'd buy any of it, she exclaimed, "If I had money!"

If shopping isn't your thing, the Expo Center also has an activity stage. Today's entertainment was "Brew City Wrestling."

Kendrick  Reszczynski works for Brew City Wrestling.  He explains,  “It’s family friendly, and it’s a way to make indy wrestling a lot bigger and support it.”