St. Patrick's Day a busy one for firefighters, medics

CREATED Mar 17, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 17, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- It's one of the most popular - and celebrated - drinking nights of the year.

St. Patrick's Day is also among the most dangerous.
TODAY'S TMJ4 joined Milwaukee firefighters and medics for a tour through the city's popular bar districts, and learned they're concerned about much more than drunk driving.
"You can see people slipping and falling, falling down stairs, they can get in fights they wouldn't get involved in," Dept. Chief Aaron Lipski explains. "It becomes an actual medical emergency if someone is so, so drunk they can't stand or slur their words. That person needs to be seen at a medical facility."
Lipski even likened busy nights like St. Patrick's Day to car washes: crews come in and go right back out on calls. Today, they answer about 15 an hour across the city.