Spring is finally here! Is your home ready?

CREATED Apr 9, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Now that spring finally appears to be here, there are some things homeowners should add to their to-do lists.  
Spring, of course, means rain.
"So you need to prepare to control that water around your house, which means the unfortunate task of cleaning out rain gutters and making sure the downspouts are extended away from your house," said Mr. Fix-It Tom Feiza. 
You should also check your sump pump and make sure it's working properly.  That includes removing water from the sump crock. 
"You need to go down there and lift the float and make sure water is removed.  If the pump is just running, it doesn't necessarily mean it's moving water," Feiza said.
Believe it or not, homeowners should take a look at their air conditioners. 
"Your air conditioner has been covered in snow and who knows what little pests and animals got around that or caused problems, so make sure that's clean and the coils are clean," Feiza said.
The deep frost level this past winter may also have caused heaving in pavement. Sometimes that can fix itself; more extreme cases might require professional help.  
If a homeowner had ice dams or icicles over the winter, gutters could be damaged. 
"They will pull gutters loose," Feiza said. "They will expand and break gutters apart, and they'll damage the corners of gutters." 
Another issue to think about is surface drainage or grading.  Water should always flow away from the house.  
"A simple way to check is in one of these warm, spring downpours.  Get your umbrella and your boots and walk outside, walk around the house and look for any ponding water next to your house.  If water is ponding up next to your house, you're going to have a problem," Feiza said.