Speedy, deadly street made safer by stoplight

CREATED Sep 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It's taken more than a year -- and three visits from Speedbusters -- but the street where a little boy was killed by a speeder has finally been made safer.

Public Works crews installed a stop light last week helping to slow traffic on a street that runs past a school.
Christopher Wade was hit and killed by a speeder in May 2012 while crossing 51st Street just north of North Avenue, and right in front of the French Immersion School.
People who live near the scene of that accident have been waiting a long time for this day.
"I think it's fantastic they got some because it helps the kids cross the street," said Pam Allison, a parent who lives in an apartment complex on the same block where Wade was killed.
The city has been slowly working to make this a safer street. Emphasis on slowly.
It took three months after the accident for school zone signs to go up. Then a whole year passed before the stop light.
In a statement, the Department of Public Works explained they needed to study the problem.
"DPW found that the intersection... met the vehicular volume that warrants a traffic signal installation," the statement read in part.
No matter how long it took, people like Pam Allison are praising the decision to finally make 51st Street a safer place for kids.
"I thank God for the kids' safety, and that was a good idea whoever decided to put it there, that's a good idea," she said.