Dirty Dining

South side Mexican restaurant has problems with roaches, mold

CREATED Jul 10, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A place on Milwaukee's south side has two pages of serious health violations.  Here's what the inspector found.

First - La Canoa on 15th and Lincoln. This place has a lot of issues, like a container of moldy salsa.  It was dated June 6th. Two pots of soup were in a cooler and not kept cold enough. There were roaches behind the bar and rodent droppings in the basement and storage areas.  
The manager was not there, and we never heard back from her about the problems - like dirty microwaves. There was mold buildup in an ice machine.  The nozzles on a margarita machine were soiled.  The machine used to cut tomatoes and peppers was "filthy," and pipes were dripping over containers of dry ingredients. 
La Canoa was fined for its violations and will be re-inspected next week.