Some church leaders choose to omit same-sex marriage from sermons

CREATED Jun 8, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- While hundreds flocked to Summerfest today to continue celebrating Pridefest, many others filled church pews this morning.

Today, pastors and priests had their first opporunity to address their congregations about the historic ruling that legalized same sex marriage in Wisconsin.

"Our church has its own moral code," Rev. Don Darius Butler told TODAY'S TMJ4. "We're governed by our tradition that affirms one kind of arrangement for marriage and I'm committed to uphold as a congregation."

Butler leads the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church on the city's north side. He had a standing room only crowd - but chose not to include talk of the ruling in his sermon.

"For this particular community, they are struggling with poverty, struggling with unemployment, struggling with issues of education," Butler laments.

TODAY'S TMJ4 visited other congregations and even sat in the pews at the Cathedral of St. John. Father Jeff Haines said he recognized the significance of Friday's ruling, but he made the choice to not include it in his homily.

"We don't want to be negative," Haines explained. "We're trying to be positive and affirm the things we believe in."