Soccer fans pack Brady Street to cheer on Team USA

CREATED Jul 1, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Thousands packed the street and bars along Brady Street to cheer on Team USA, but left disappointed after an overtime loss to Belgium.  

The bars were filled to capacity and it was easy to find some creativity in what fans chose to wear. They had red white and blue shirts, hats, and one guy we saw had the flag itself draped over him.  Despite the loss, interest in the sport has really grown and fans are remaining optimistic.

"You know, that's what happens in the world cup. It's win or go home and so we're proud of all our teams. Proud of the USA, proud of Greece, proud of Chile, proud of Mexico, everyone that won," said Tim Stasinoulias of Waukesha.

Fans say they're pleased at how well Team USA did this year and they're excited to see more from this team again.