So, where is the violin?

CREATED Feb 5, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 5, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -  So where is the violin? Milwaukee Police are working with the FBI to find it.

Federal investigators have a unique "go to" team for these types of high profile stolen items. 
"Well, unfortunately we don't know where the violin is, that's why we need everybody's help," said G.B Jones, Acting Special Agent In Charge in Milwaukee 
That includes the FBI's Art Crime Team with special skills to turn a tip that can crack a case. 
"It's going to be some person who has unique information about where this thing is that will lead us back to that violin and it's critically important we get those pieces of information so that we can pursue them," said Jones.
Once the violin is found Stefan Hersh may likely be the first to inspect it. 
"I think the violin must still be in Milwaukee now, I wouldn't have thought that as recently as 24 hours ago," said Hersh.
Hersh's optimism comes after news of the arrests. He is a violin curator in Chicago who helped get the violin back to its playing condition.
"We can hope it's still in safe condition and will find its way back to the owner and Frank and be heard again."
Hersh is talking about his friend, Frank Almond who has the privilege of playing the Stradivarius for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.