Community still in shock following slumber party stabbing

CREATED Jun 4, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- It's a story that's getting worldwide attention. Two 12-year-old girls, charged with stabbing their friend 19 times in Waukesha.

Doctors at Waukesha Memorial say the 12-year-old stabbing victim is now in fair condition. She’s actually walking and talking again. It’s a huge sign of hope, in this horrifying case that everyone is still trying to make sense of.

It's hard to see such young faces in a mug-shot. Two young girls, who aren’t even teenagers yet, handcuffed and shackled.

But then you hear what Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are accused of - brutally stabbing their friend, and leaving her to die in a forest.

Prosecutors want them tried in adult court. “The juvenile system in a case like this only offers us five years of potential supervision of these juveniles,” says Waukesha District Attorney, Brad Schimel. “That's a very short time for such a heinous and shocking crime.”

On Wednesday, Anissa Weier's brother told this to the British newspaper "The Daily Mail": "I knew she understood what she was doing because she's very intelligent. But she's only a little girl. So, I don't think she understood the ramifications of what she was doing."

Weier and Geyser allegedly became obsessed with the mythical world of Slender Man, an online horror story they found on the website,

“This is the most horrific thing that I've endured in my 30 years of school administration experience,” says Todd Gray, the Superintendent of Waukesha Schools.

Horning Middle School – where Weier, Geyser, and the victim are in 6th grade – has internet protections in place, but Creepypasta was not a blocked website.

Still, Gray says it's what happens after the bell rings, outside of school that should be more of a concern.

“Once those iPads and laptops are off our site, they are no longer blocked, and we obviously can’t control what kids look at off of school grounds,” Gray says.

Weier and Geyser are being held in juvenile jail. Their next court appearance is June 11th.