Slow ticket sales could have multiple causes

CREATED Jan 1, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 1, 2014

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GREEN BAY - Would you believe snow and weather conditions could be slowing down ticket sales for this Sunday's Packers game?

Lambeau Field is a busy place ahead of this weekend's playoff game. But getting the fans there may be the problem.

"Well, the invoices went out in early December,” explains Mike Holzberger of Connections Ticket Service. “In early December, the Packers had no starting quarterback, and they'd been losing games. It was a very frustrating time. So a lot of season ticket holders didn't send in their invoices."

The frigid forecast may be what's really keeping people away from Lambeau Field.

"Some people can't be out in 10 degree temperature for four hours. But there's a lot of die-hards out there," muses Holzberger.

Back at Lambeau, they're preparing for a full house. 

"We had 2 schedules going into the week. One was the breakdown schedule. One was the game day schedule. Lucky for us, we got the game day schedule going. So we're happy about that," shared one employee.

Holzberger thinks ticket sales will pick up soon, and fans will be able to watch the game - at Lambeau Field, and on TV.

“There won't be any tickets that end up going unsold. The Packers definitely will sell out of tickets. My bet is very soon," shares Holzberger.

If the remaining tickets for Sunday's game aren't purchased by 3:40 pm on Thursday, the broadcast could be blacked out in Milwaukee and Green Bay.