Slender Man stabbing suspects to appear in court for motion hearing

CREATED Jul 2, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- The two Waukesha 12-year-old's accused of stabbing their classmate will appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, as their case moves one step closer to trial.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are scheduled for a motion hearing, which means their attorneys will make some requests -- anything from where the trial will take place, to what kind of psychology reports will be submitted, to what kind of evidence would be admissible in court.
The preteen girls are charged with trying to kill their classmate in an attempt to please a mythological creature named Slender Man.
Police said they stabbed the victim 19 times in the woods on May 31. In a criminal complaint, the girls told police they had been plotting the stabbing for months.
In light of the upcoming hearing, the family of the victim has released a statement. In it, they said they fully support the District Attorney’s Office in their prosecution of the case and will continue to focus on the victim's physical and emotional healing.
"She continues to amaze us in her ability to persevere and move forward – taking one day at a time," the statement said. "Much of our strength comes from knowing that there is so much “good” coming from so many people, and we continue to witness this firsthand from the compassion given to our little girl from around the world."