Six shootings in Milwaukee Thursday night, 1 fatal

CREATED May 30, 2014 - UPDATED: May 30, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Like jilted lovers, there is a great divide between them. They aren't communicating. They sometimes appear uncomfortable talking about one another. If you consider bullets spraying through Milwaukee's streets as a crisis, that crisis has not prompted a conversation between the city's top leader and the state's top leader recently.

As the number of casualties climb, Mayor Tom Barrett and Governor Scott Walker haven't talked about the escalating violence. The victims include a 10 year-old girl fighting for her life and a 11 year-old shot in broad daylight. Last night alone in Milwaukee, there were five shootings, one of them was deadly.

"I have not spoken to the Governor in the last week or two about these shootings," said Mayor Tom Barrett. "We spoke maybe a month and a half ago about the need to change legislation so that felons cannot carry guns."
At a stop at a Milwaukee high school Friday, Governor Walker noted the last time he and Mayor Barrett had contact about this issue was when he signed legislation funding a police program called "Shot Spotter" which detects gunfire and helps police track down criminals. 
"The only communication I've got has been the clips I've seen on the media, said Walker. There hasn't been a direct communication, if there's more than they're asking for right now, certainly I'd be more than willing to do it as I've said in private meetings with the Chief and with the Mayor and with others out there."
Walker said, he too is committed to getting guns out of the hands of felons. When it comes to the rest of it, he says, Milwaukee's law enforcement leaders are handling their own business.
"Right now most issues they are raising are specific to the city, they are not asking specific things from the state other than changes from the legislature, said Walker." "That's stuff we've committed to already."
Mayor Barrett acknowledged many people in Milwaukee see the violence as a crisis. "I'm working through the legislature, I've been talking to the Chief. We'll be talking to the Governor. I guarantee it."