Sisters from Franklin injured in Racine chain-reaction crash

CREATED Dec. 9, 2013

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FRANKLIN - The emotions are still running high for sisters Laura Hall and Kathy Behrens.

"It was very scary," Kathy said.  "We're very lucky.  Very lucky."
"Don't want to ever go through it again," Laura added.
In Kathy's hospital room at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-Franklin, the two women from Franklin told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray about what happened.
"People were riding off into the shoulder to avoid getting hit, but they lost control of their cars.  So, everybody was doing donuts and spins into the ditches," Kathy recounted.  "It was horrible."
The sisters were on their way to a baby shower in Illinois on Sunday when an out-of-control semi slammed into the back of their SUV.
Laura, who was driving, says visibility was bad.  A 70-year-old passenger in another car died in the chain reaction crash.
"You're just waiting and hoping that everyone else is going to stop.  It was very hard," Laura said.
Laura and Kathy actually shared an ambulance ride with two other crash survivors because so many injured people needed paramedic transportation to the hospital.
"We sat on the bench and there was a gentleman on a gurney and woman that was hurt sitting in the back," Kathy said.
Kathy underwent additional tests on Monday.  Both women are experiencing stiffness and lingering pain.