Sinicki is sorry for her profanity in Facebook post on Gov. Walker's speech

CREATED Jan 23, 2014

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State Representative Christine Sinicki said she was just overwhelmingly irritated while listening to Governor Scott Walker's State of the State address.

During the speech, she posted on her personal Facebook page, "OMG....this speech is so full of [expletive]. Wish I could get up and walk out."
"Well I imagine she could have," said Hank Schroeder. Schroeder heard about the post while eating breakfast at a Cudahy restaurant, in Sinicki's district.

"Nothing surprises me anymore. People say what they want and get away with it, especially public officials, " said Schroeder.
Others agreed. 
"She has her own opinion and so does he but she could have used some self-restraint and been diplomatic about it, " said diner Sue Chilson.
Sinicki said she is friends with the Governor but will never agree with him politically. The seven-term Democrat said she was sorry for her use of profanity.
"What prompted me to it was the fact that I'm getting very frustrated with the false numbers and the fairy tales that Republicans keep trying to spin in the state of Wisconsin, " said Sinicki. "I do regret cussing publicly but we're all human, we all have emotions and we all get frustrated."
Sinicki said she would say the same thing to the Governor's face and wasn't hiding behind social media.
"Oh yeah, I'm the type of person - I call it like I see it."