Shorewood latest to consider sex offender law

CREATED Aug 6, 2014

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SHOREWOOD - Village board members could get their first look Thursday at a proposed ordinance limiting where sex offenders can live.

The board will see a draft of the language after members began discussing restricting offenders around schools, playgrounds and other places children are known to congregate.
"It's time we look at it too, just so we're not like an island out there," said board president Guy Johnson.
Shorewood is one of only three remaining communities in Milwaukee County with no sex offender ordinance on the books. River Hills and Hales Corners also place no limits on where offenders can live.
Milwaukee passed its own rule on sex offenders in July, putting most of the county off-limits to offenders.
While there are no signs Shorewood is hurting from the lack of a law, parents are glad to hear it discussed.
"For the safety of our children, certainly discuss the proximity to schools and places like parks where children tend to hang out," said parent Matt Budde.