Shoppers in Wisconsin make mad dash to beat the snow

CREATED Dec. 21, 2013

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GLENDALE -- We're expecting a long, snowy weekend. There were a lot of shoppers out Saturday making that last-minute mad dash.

Meghan Ormsby and her boyfriend are stocking up for the winter storm. They don't plan on going hungry.

"We’re more than ready!” exclaims her boyfriend Tommy Scott. “We have all the good vegetables, the good meat. We’re set."

Sendik's was packed with shoppers, who stocked up on essentials, like water and food.

Jerry Nally was at Ace Hardware, getting snow melt and salt. Even if he's stuck inside, it won't be that bad.

"If it really comes down,” explains Nally, “I'm going to keep a blanket around me and be happy."

In the meantime, he, and many others, are making sure they're ready.

"If it's going to be a storm, there's no sense going out there. I’m doing all my shopping today," adds Nally.

The shoppers say when the snow falls, they'll be staying indoors, where it's safe and warm.