Shooting victim in Fond Du Lac saved by belt buckle

CREATED Dec 28, 2013

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 FOND DU LAC -- A 30 year-old man was shot early Saturday morning, but his injuries would likely have been much worse were it not for his belt buckle.

Police say a shooting occurred around 2:30 Saturday morning near Main St and 2nd, they believe the shooting was a result of a fight.

Four shots were fired, and least one shot hit the victim's belt buckle. Police say this prevented the mean, who's name is not being released, from more serious injury.  

Police responding to the shooting chased two men who ran from the scene. One remains in custody and the other one, a 19 year-old, was let go after questioning.

There's still no word as to exactly what set off the shooting, and police in Fond Du Lac continue to investigate the incident.