Marquette University High mourns loss of shooting victim

CREATED Jan 21, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 22, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Police have identified the victim of the shooting at Purdue University as Andrew Boldt of West Bend.

At Marquette University High School, he was just ‘Drew.’

Boldt graduated from MUHS and set off for Indiana in 2010.

“I know when he went to visit, he fell in love with it. And I think he was so proud to get accepted there, and I think he felt like it was home for him,” explained Jean Morrell, who taught calculus to Boldt and wrote his letter of recommendation. 

The news of Andrew’s death echoed through the halls of the high school.

It’s no secret that Boldt, an up and coming engineer, had a passion for robotics.  In a basement workshop, his old mentors swapped stories with current students, and reflected on Andrew’s brief but bright legacy.

“He was such a role model for all of our students. He was the kind of son every dad wished he had, ” said John Wanninger, Boldt’s robotics instructor and mentor.

“I know that he was a young man that would have made the world a better place,” Morrell explained.

Classmates who also graduated with Boldt in 2010 at Marquette University High School returned to the school to share memories Wednesday.
"Life is all about the people you spend it with and I feel like anybody that spent time with Andrew Boldt in their life definitely was given a gift," said Will Carver, Boldt's friend.
Friends say Andrew had a nickname. It was "Tito." He's not sure where it came from, but it stuck. They say Tito was fun loving, and smart, the kind of guy who would go far in life.