Shooting in Milwaukee leaves one dead

CREATED Dec. 13, 2013

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Days before Christmas a family finds itself planning a funeral.

“We came back to the apartment to this. They said he was gushing blood choking on his own blood,” said Miriam Gill.

Gill says her nephew was a father with another one on the way.

“I’m in disbelief myself, so close to the holidays, I guess until I see him [I won’t believe it] I am trying to hold it together.”

Family members tell us the violence began outside a house that has been roped off with police tape. The victim had just walked outside the home when relatives say bullets started flying.

“My mother was in the house," explains Gill.

Attempting to escape the gun fire the victim and another man hopped into a car and drove off.

Minutes later the car crashed causing a multi-vehicle accident at the intersection of 37th and Hampton.

Betty Reid-Ward was headed down Hampton when she was struck by the speeding vehicle.

“The pole fell on the car first and then he smashed into us and sped off into the other lane,” said Betty Reid-Ward.

This is Milwaukee’s 103rd homicide of the year, but family members of the victim do not want him to be remembered as just a statistic.

“He loved life, he was a good, kindhearted person. I don’t understand why this even happened," said Gill.