Sheriff's Deputies: Newborn, toddler lived in deplorable conditions

CREATED Mar 4, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 4, 2014

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BURNETT, Wis. - A horrific case of child neglect is being reported in Dodge County. Sheriff's deputies say a newborn and a two year old were living in deplorable conditions. Their mother, 25-year-old Secoy Koch-Miller, is charged with neglect.

The structure of the house is in tact, but the criminal complaint describes a house of horrors with mice and spiders, dog and cat feces, maggots and rotting food.
We met a heartbroken, but feisty Betty Koch-Miller outside the home she shared with her daughter and grandchildren until police forced them to move.  Now, the children are in foster care.
"Yes, it's unlivable. We're out of it. Now why the hell can't we get the kids back?" questioned Koch-Miller.
Deputies claim they found boxes piled high, hoarder-style, inside the home, and the two year old boy malnourished. Koch-Miller and the child's mother, Secoy Koch-Miller, blame his low weight on an eating disorder.
"He was under medical care from the University of Wisconsin in Madison," said Koch-Miller.
Court documents also claim the toilets didn't flush.  In addition, they report the boy had spiders and spider eggs in his hair.  His grandma says it wasn't spiders, but possibly flies.
"The fly strip came down 'cause he pulled it down with a fly swatter. He thought it was funny. Well I didn't think it was funny. He got it in his hair, he had long hair," said Koch-Miller.
A township supervisor stopped by while we were there.
"Well in my opinion from what I saw in that house, they were mistreated, believe me," said Jerry Beier, township supervisor.
Koch-Miller alluded to not having enough money to fix things when they would break in the house. She gets choked up talking about her grandkids.
"Those babies are where they're not supposed to be right now and it looks like they don't want us to have them back for any reason whatsoever," said Koch-Miller.
And as we were talking outside, a sheriff's deputy found yet one more problem, water already determined to be in the basement is now so high, it's flowing out a basement window.