Sheriff Clarke responds to outside interests in primary election

CREATED Aug 13, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The Sheriff's race is over for now, but the political feud isn't. Sheriff David Clarke won the primary despite big money efforts to kick him out. Now the Sheriff is calling out those who plotted against him.  

Clarke is specifically calling out County Executive Chris Abele on public safety and budget issues. Both say they are committed to working together but it may be a work in progress.
"Obviously the voters in this county by a majority have said they like my style," said Clarke during a post election news conference Wednesday.
Clarke and Abele are both public servants.     
"We don't have a mandate to do just our own style," countered Abele before attending a public budget hearing in Brown Deer. 
But Sheriff Clarke and County Executive Abele remain political enemies.
'I'm always going to work, always with whoever is in any office because that's my job" said Abele.
"He says that all the time. It's empty rhetoric," said Clarke,"because he doesn't demonstrate that. Here's a guy that just tried to run me out of Dodge". 
It's no secret Abele wanted and supported Clarke's opponent Chris Moews for Sheriff. But Abele won't answer if he was involved in the  Greater Wisconsin Committee's reported $400,000 in political ads that hammered Clarke's self defense views.
Abele: I avail myself to the options that are there.
Benson: So I didn't hear a yes or a no?
Abele: Correct you didn't.
Benson:  Should  voters know whether that was your money for the negative ads?
Abele: For the NRA's ad? For the Tea Party ads, FreedomWorks ad or Club For Growth ads?
Benson: No,The Greater Wisconsin Committee?
Abele: Yeah, well no comment.
Abele says Clarke's go it alone, name calling doesn't build team work. 'I think we have a mandate to be responsible stewards of your tax dollars, get the best service we can and work together."
But Clarke says the voters have spoken, "they want me to lead the office of sheriff and public safety decision not the county executive."
Abele says he called Clarke and congratulated him on his primary victory. Clarke is on the ballot in November and is expected to beat an Independent candidate to win another four years in office.