Sheboygan woman tells story of daring fire rescue

CREATED May 27, 2014

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SHEBOYGAN - A Sheboygan woman is grateful to be alive after a daring escape from her burning home.

For the first time Tuesday, Susan Hundley watched video of her rescue by local firefighters.
Hundley was upstairs when smoke and flames suddenly filled her home Monday morning.
"I came out of the shower with the smoke alarms just blaring." She said.
With no way out, she called 911 for help.
The operator told the woman to get low on the ground and to place wet blankets at the bottom of the door until help arrived.
Minutes later Fire Fighters arrived and smashed a window on the second floor where she was trapped. 
They used a ladder to help get Hundley out of the burning home.
Two pets were also saved. 
Hundley was treated at a local hospital for smoke inhalation.
Investigators are still looking into how the fire started.
Click below to watch our full interview with Susan Hundley: