Sheboygan purse snatching suspect in custody

CREATED Apr 19, 2014

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SHEBOYGAN - There is now one man in custody in connection with the recent string of purse snatchings in Sheboygan.

He's 28 years old and from Sheboygan with previous convictions for robbery, battery and possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

Police aren't yet saying whether he's responsible for all the recent purse snatchings, but the people we met feel a little safer, considering the way in which this suspect was taken down.

The latest case happened on Good Friday afternoon in a parking lot as a 54 year old woman was loading pet supplies into her car.

"The lady had gotten tackled right around over here and uh was yelling for help," said Dustin Giffin, Pet Supplies Plus manager.

Dustin Giffin says employees helped the woman into their store and that's when they began to hear from other customers who saw the suspect outside for at least ten minutes pour to the attack.

"We did have witnesses sayin that he was standing right by the trees right there and also hiding right behind our windows watching the doorway and also pacing up and down the mulch right there by the parking lot," said Giffin.

Someone else also had his eyes on the parking lot. Jeremiah Bergemann, a church going guy. He saw the attack.

"Saw him tackle her and then he was running down Lincoln Avenue going west. I was skipping stairs, running out," said Bergemann.

Bergemann lost sight of the suspect but kept going, catching up near 10th and Lincoln where another Good Samaritan already had the guy in a wrestling hold.

"So I walked past, I said do you have this guy? He's like yea, if you could give me some help. So I tried to do my best," said Bergemann.

The attack on Good Friday is one of Sheboygan's several recent purse snatchings. The others happened outside a bar, a Walgreens and Aurora Pharmacy.