Sheboygan police investigate third purse snatching

CREATED Apr 5, 2014

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SHEBOYGAN - There’s a purse snatcher on the loose in Sheboygan. One of the victims tells TODAY’S TMJ4 she hasn't been able to sleep since the attack.

The third purse snatching happened at the door of Beans on 12th. Tavern owner Becky Kester was here when a stranger came in and grabbed a customer's bag.

The suspect ran out of this door. He had the woman's purse in his hand. That’s when he took off down the block.

Her boyfriend chased the thief for a few blocks. He was able to get her purse back. But the wallet was gone.

"He is a hero,” remarks Kester. “He came back. His knees were muddy. He was panting, he could hardly breathe. He’s 57 years old. He chased him how many blocks!"

Sheboygan Police don't think this case is connected to two previous purse snatchings. One happened outside of Walgreens, the other, outside Aurora Pharmacy.

"In this particular case, it was money that was taken from the purse,” notes Sergeant Brad Riddiough. “There were no pills or anything else of medication or medical value."

Police believe the first suspect was targeting women, with purses, who'd just left pharmacies. The suspects are still on the loose. The two women whose purses were stolen tell TODAY’S TMJ4 they’re still shaken up. For now, they’re taking it one day at a time.

In the meantime, Becky Kester isn't taking any chances at her bar.

"I am taking steps now so people don't leave their purses on the bar,” says Kester. “I'm going to put in bar hooks. And until then, they can lock it in the closet or put it behind the bar."

If you have any information that could help crack this case, you're asked to call the Sheboygan Police Department.