Sex offender accused of inappropriate relationship with chaperone

CREATED May 9, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A notorious child sex offender violated the terms of his release by initiating a relationship with and inappropriately touching one of his caretakers, court documents said.

Edwin West was accused of violating his release on April 28 and remanded to the Milwaukee County Jail, according to the documents. 
The petition for revocation of supervised release was filed by the state Department of Health Services, the state agency charged with helping problematic sex offenders transition back into the community.
In 1993, West was convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child. He was labeled a sexually violent person and committed by the state in 1997, but completed his sentence in 2012. That is when he moved into a house on Van Beck Avenue in the Bay View neighborhood, despite the objections of the community.
As part of his DHS supervised release, West was routinely chaperoned by an individual known as a "community care technician." That female chaperone alleged she was inappropriately touched by West on April 16. The petition for revocation alleges West began a relationship with the chaperone last September.
West is also accused of using Facebook and the phone book to research information on his neighbors.
A spokesperson for the Department of Health Services would not comment on the case, directing a reporter to court records for the details of the alleged incidents.