Platteville hit by two tornadoes early Tuesday

CREATED Jun 17, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 17, 2014

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Scroll through the gallery above to see some of the tornado damage in Platteville

PLATTEVILLE -  Two tornadoes hit Platteville Monday night, leaving behind a trail of destruction. 

About two-thirds of Platteville was still without power Tuesday, and likely will be for at least another day. So, city officials have set up cooling stations. Inside tents at Harrison Park, the air conditioning is nice and cold.  Blocks away, people's lives have been destroyed.

Doris and Mike Alt raised a family working at the Shell gas station on Business Highway 151.

"We've had probably 25 years here and now it's gone," said Doris Alt.

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But where will the money come from after an EF2 struck about 10:30 last night? Right away, the Alts rushed to check on their Shell station, that had closed for the night around 9:00.

"We got as far as the intersection and they wouldn't let us through. There was live wires everywhere," said Alt.

"So about 4:00, we came down after they opened the road, put the lights on and it's like, wow!" said Alt.

Alt shivers to think what might've happened if they'd been open when the tornado, one of two to hit Platteville Monday night, touched down.

"The wall was where a person would've been standing had we been open," said Alt. "The back wall fell this way, this side fell in, the roof is from here to those trees over there. The roof went," said Alt.

Despite it all, Alt is touched looking at all the people who've come to help. She made an afternoon run for sandwiches, a small token to say thank you.

"I left home, my daughter goes 'Mom look at this little face', five day old granddaughter. She says 'Remember you be careful down there.' So that's how you pick up the pieces, just look at what you got and you go on," said Alt.

We also heard from UW - Platteville's spokesman.  Summer classes and new student registration are cancelled for Wednesday. They hope to get new student registrations going on Thursday and Friday.  And as for the residential area, there's an 8:00 p.m. curfew in effect tonight for those hardest-hit homes.