Families react to news of injured workers at Saukville foundry

CREATED May 19, 2014

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SAUKVILLE - Seven workers were injured in the explosion and fire at Johnson Brass & Machine Foundry in Saukville Monday.

Two of the burn victims were airlifted to Columbia St. Mary's. There's been no update on their conditions as of Monday night. As their families nervously hope for the best, we witnessed the relief as others got word that their loved ones were okay.

Mark Edbauer stayed close to firefighters, trying to get any information he could on his son, Mark Junior. He pulled out a photo of his son from his wallet, hoping someone would remember seeing him.

Then, a call came from the hospital.

"It was Mark Junior," Edbauer says. "He said he was getting treated for burns from hot metal that splashed down his back. But he would be released soon. He didn't know about the others who were hurt."

While Edbauer is happy his son is okay, he can't help but worry for the others.

"I pray for their families," he says. "I'm hoping that everything works out fine for them, that there's no real bad news. We want everyone to come home safe and sound."

A sentiment shared by many, especially those who live close to the foundry, who felt the explosion and the panic that followed.

"The whole neighborhood shook," says Jill Gall. "It was so scary. We had no idea what had happened. I came out of the house to see if there had been an accident or something, and there was smoke billowing from behind the plant. Then, emergency vehicles started showing up. We knew it must be bad."