Moore and Johnson say let the people decide

CREATED Aug 31, 2013

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MADISON -  President Obama's push to hold a military strike against Syria has lawmakers talking ahead of the debate they'll hold in Congress. 

Following Obama's speech to the nation Saturday afternoon, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican, said he was pleased that Obama was not making the decision alone. 

Senator Johnson said the President must make his case for military action to the American people.  Johnson says he's unsure whether he will vote for or against it at this point. 

Johnson encourages the President to explain exactly how the Assad regime poses a national security threat to the American people.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore, a democrat from Milwaukee, stands with Senator Johnson, saying she too looks forward to debating the Syria issue.  

Calling what the Assad regime did to its people "atrocious acts" and "a direct violation of human rights," Moore said she looks forward to engaging in a comprehensive and productive debate on whether the United States should take military action.