Selfie lands student athlete in hot water

CREATED Mar 12, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 12, 2014

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WEST ALLIS - A “selfie” landed a student athlete at West Allis Central in big trouble.  Last month when senior originally snapped a picture with his cell phone he didn’t realize his buddy was baring the “full monty”. But what the two of them did next landed one of them in trouble.

The captioning on the picture reads, “selfie with a nude.”

“It doesn’t look god but it was still just kids joking around,” explained the father of the teen who took the picture.

We did not identify the student at his request.  He told his father, ”he was taking a picture of himself and the guy took his towel off.”

The picture was taken in the locker room at West Allis Central High School. The guy showing all is 16 year-old Robert Torres. He didn’t mind sitting in front of our camera and talking.

“I actually did know about it,” said Torres.

The picture was originally a mistake. But it turned into joke when both students agreed to post it on Facebook.

“Right after he took it he said you’re in the background,” explained Torres. He said he wasn’t offended by the picture.

Even though both teenagers agreed to put the image on the internet only one got in trouble. The student who snapped the image was slapped with a $439 dollar ticket for disorderly conduct.

That teen’s father doesn’t believe it’s fair. 

“So if he knows about the picture how is he is not involved,” said the parent.

The West Allis West Milwaukee School District suspended the senior basketball player for five games. He was forced to sit on the bench during the playoffs.

“Nothing happened to the other guy. They slapped him on the hand and sent him on,” said the parent.

TODAY’S TMJ4 stopped by the district to get its side of the story. However administrators would not talk about the specifics of this case. Instead they referred us to the athletic conduct code which they say every student is fully aware of the policy.

While both students may have violated the code, Torres is not in trouble.

“It was all in the moment just for jokes. If we had actually thought about it we would not have done it probably,” said Torres.