Search for missing Mequon woman continues

CREATED Apr 25, 2014

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MEQUON -- It's been more than 24 hours since Candace Giles went missing. Searchers canvassed the Mequon neighborhood where she was last seen in search for clues.  

A band of neighbors, friends and concerned church members are all wondering what happened to Candace. They searched high and low for her - along the river and through the woods.  

"We’re praying for the best and hoping that she's somewhere safe and we just haven't found her yet and she'll turn up,” said searcher Susan Lash. “I mean - stranger things have happened, so I’m hoping we're going to be one of those.”  

She was last seen at her house. Family and friends became worried when she missed a scheduled appointment, and left behind "personal items" at her house. Police wouldn't specify what those things are.  

"It’s quite mysterious, because around here, you don't necessarily walk anywhere," said neighbor Wayne Staats.  

Staats remembers Candace well. She used to babysit for his kids years ago.  

"She was a very nice young lady. At that time, she was in her teens, but she was very nice. She was well-liked around here,” Staats said.

Giles is also a deacon at Crossroads Presbyterian Church. Those church members are praying for her safe return.  

The church is opening up its doors to anyone who wants to come in and pray for Candace or join in the search efforts to find her.

At this time, police don’t believe foul play is involved.