School bus driver crashes into parked car in Hartford

CREATED May 29, 2014

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HARTFORD - It was a terrifying ride to school for kids in Hartford, when their bus driver crashed into a parked car.

It happened Thursday around 7:45 a.m. The bus was on its way to Central Middle School.

The 68-year old woman driving the bus was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence. But, police say there's more to this story than meets the eye.

We spoke to one of the 25 kids who was on-board the bus when it crashed. Although, we're not releasing his name since he's a minor.

"We were driving down the street, just like any normal day, and all of the sudden the bus started shaking and there was a weird sound," he says. "We were all just kind of shaken up."

Hartford Police determined the woman was impaired by a substance other than alcohol.  She was disoriented and not making sense. Shortly after, she was rushed to the hospital for some sort of medical emergency.

The kids on the bus say her behavior was out of the ordinary. "She's a very nice lady," describes one of the children. "Every morning when we get on the bus, she says good morning."

Parents quickly got the alarming news.

"We got an email saying there had been a bus accident, and the driver was impaired," says Jennie Staus. "I was just so relieved my daughter wasn't on the bus, and that none of the kids were injured."

The superintendent of Hartford Schools says the bus driver has many years of experience. He believes it was a health issue, not substance abuse.

We're told the driver underwent a CT Scan, but her condition is unknown.