Scam may be to blame for glut of recent bomb threats

CREATED Jul 29, 2014

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PLYMOUTH - There seems to be a bomb threat trend across southeast Wisconsin in the last several days.  We've had at least ten threats since Friday.  

On Monday, police surrounded a store in Oconomowoc after a bomb threat was called in. The threats have been called in to stores in Plymouth, West Bend, Saukville, the Town of Oconomowoc, Sussex, Brookfield and Lomira.

Walgreens in Plymouth is reportedly the first place to be targeted in this latest series of bomb threats, and the suspect has been persistent here, having made three separate calls starting Friday, all claiming he was going to blow up the store.
Police in many cities Tuesday respectfully declined our request for an on-camera interview out of concern it could compromise the investigation. But off camera, police tell us these bomb threats seem to be the work of one person, or one group of people, likely overseas. We know of at least ten bomb threats since Friday at Walgreen's, 7-Elevens and Walmarts in southeast Wisconsin.
The caller is a man with an Indian accent. His instructions are to load up a green dot card with "x" amount of dollars. If you don't, there's a car in your lot with a bomb inside ready to go off.
"There was a bomb threat and then they made all the employees exit the store and then go to Taco Bell for two and a half hours until it was clear to go back in," said Brian Kessenich, a former Walmart employee.
Brian Kessenich was working at Walmart in Plymouth when it got a bomb threat a few months ago.
"I was concerned about my safety and working there and now another one happened, it's not good either," said Kessenich.
That same Walmart got another bomb threat Monday and so did a 7-Eleven in Oconomowoc. 
Witnesses there say police took this one so seriously, they were walking around the lot with guns drawn.
The FBI is working with local law enforcement to try to identify similarities in all seven of these places, including Plymouth, West Bend, Sussex, the Town of Oconomowoc, Brookfield, Lomira and Saukville.