Rodgers injury hurts for fantasy owners, too

CREATED Nov 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Aaron Rodgers' shoulder injury isn't just a setback for the Packers. It's a nightmare for fantasy football fans.  

"I do have Aaron Rodgers," said fantasy football player Eric Ulwelling.
Ulwelling imagined a dream season when he drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round of his fantasy football league.
"It could be better," Ulwelling said about his season so far.
He wasn't watching when Rodgers went down Monday night but now he's keeping a close eye on how long Aaron might be out. 
In fantasy football, Ulwelling could do the unthinkable. He could trade Rodgers.
"In theory, yes I could trade him. Is anyone going to want him now?"
Milwaukee lawyer David Gruber was at the game when his friend Aaron Rodgers was hit. He thinks Rodgers will still have an impact on the season. 
"It's a difficult situation because he's such a great team leader. I'm convinced as long as he's out, he's still going to contribute," said Gruber. "He's going to contribute on the sideline or in the film room."
That doesn't help Ulwelling who is already having a losing fantasy year.
"I needed quite a run. But now it's like, we'll get'em next year!"