Road rage shooting suspect placed on $10,000 bond

CREATED Aug 22, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - From the freeway to the courtroom, a road rage suspect was placed on $10,000 bond Friday.  James Norman allegedly shot out the window of a car after a driver cut him off.  The bullets just missed that driver, and on Friday, the judge had some harsh words for the convicted felon.

James Norman hung his head low as he walked into court Friday morning, four days after a frightening rush hour shooting.
"The facts that are alleged are extremely serious. It appears to be a situation of road rage," said Court Commissioner Maria Dorsey.
DOT video released Friday shows where the alleged road rage ended. The suspect and his motorcycle stopped near Miller Park, then minutes later, police caught up with him.
"It's fortunate that no one was seriously hurt or even killed," said Dorsey.
Norman was walking in the distress lane. It appears his motorcycle became disabled. A gun was found nearby. The violent behavior began just minutes earlier.
The freeway was packed Monday morning as people headed to work, including the victim. The criminal complaint says he was on the on-ramp when a motorcycle appeared to be trying to pass him, so he waived the biker to go. But, that's when tempers flared.
The two drivers exchanged words, and then Norman allegedly pulled out a gun and shattered the passenger side window of the car.
"Reading this complaint, it reminds me of the wild, wild west. People taking matters into their own hands of who gets onto the freeway first just seems ridiculous," said Dorsey.
Norman has three small children and a job. His attorney had requested bond be set at a thousand dollars, but the court commissioner set it much higher, at $10-thousand.