Kelly Dwyer's family offers reward for information about their daughter's disappearance

CREATED Nov 13, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 13, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - More than a month after the disappearance of 27 year old Kelly Dwyer, her family is announcing a $10,000 reward in the case.

Maureen Dwyer, Kelly's mom, took the podium Wednesday in the shadows of Kris Zocco's condo on Milwaukee's east side.
"It sounds like a cliche, but there are no words to say how horrible it is. I can't believe that I've survived a month without my daughter," said Maureen Dwyer.
Zocco is the last known person to see Kelly on October 11th.  He has not been charged in Kelly's disappearance.  But he does face drug charges, along with 17 counts of possessing child pornography.
Maureen Dwyer opened up about Kelly's relationship with Zocco.  She says Kelly called Zocco her boyfriend.
"I do know that she talked about him. I mean they had been seeing each other for almost a year, so  it wasn't some casual relationship," said Maureen Dwyer.
Milwaukee police had little to offer at Wednesday's news conference, saying they didn't want to compromise the investigation.  But they did tell us that they have been receiving tips in the case and that they still consider this a missing person's case.
"We have. I'm not allowed to go into them, but yes, we've received calls. It is frustrating, but we continue to hold out hope that we will locate her and we're not giving up. We're still considering this a missing person investigation." said Cpt. James Shepard, Milwaukee police department sensitive crimes division.
Less than a mile from Kelly's home late Wednesday, neighbors are hopeful that the $10,000 reward will help.
"With a ten thousand dollar reward, I'm pretty sure they will be glad to give up information," said Robert Reid, a neighbor.
Cashiers at Italian grocery store on Brady Street have been having a hard time with the case.  They say Kelly was a regular customer and they enjoyed the conversations they had with her.
"Well I work at Glorioso's and I know Kelly. She would come in the morning, grab coffee, grab a piece of cake or ya know, some breakfast or a bagel," said Sharon Deblaey, a cashier.
Deblaey says when she learned about Kelly's disappearance her stomach dropped.
"I was in shock, just, it was like, it can't be her," said Deblaey.
Deblaey hopes the Dwyers get the answers they deserve.
"My heart goes out to them, it really does," said Deblaey.