Residents in Jefferson Co. take cover during morning tornado warning

CREATED Jun 18, 2014

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LAKE MILLS -- Tornado sirens wailed across Jefferson County Wednesday morning.

Today's storm didn't leave a physical path of destruction, but it did rock people's sense of security.
"It's definitely storm season and it was a little crazy this morning," said resident Pam Geib.
Pam Geib heard the sirens first, then she looked outside and watched mother nature roar.
"It was raining pretty‎ good and then across the lake all of a sudden there was a wall of grey and I couldn't see the other side of the lake," she said. "That's when it really hit."
That's also when Pam ran to the basement and called her husband, Hank.
"Pam said 'get off the road' and I got off the freeway," he said. "I was thinking of going to Menards, but I kept my eyes peeled. I was ready to pull over at any second."
Everyone in town TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with took cover - except for one distinct group - the Lake Mills volunteer firefighters. They ran to the station and prepared emergency response.
"National Weather Service indicated a tornado and I don't think we experienced that," said lieutenant Josh Ramsey. "It was a close call and we're thankful it wasn't bad."
Firefighters answered only one call for service - a downed power line.