Waukesha Co. residents deal with aftermath of Monday's storms

CREATED Jul 1, 2014

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- People across the region are dealing with the aftermath of last night's string of severe storms.

In one of the hardest hit areas in Waukesha County, a tree fell down and took the sidewalk and a telephone pole with it. 
'It was crazy. Everything was shaking. The car was moving, trees were coming down left and right," said Sierra Mariana. "I was going right to the basement, just going right to it."
Mariani's baby Aiden finally got to sleep Tuesday after a thunderous night. She said she is glad he wont remember how scary it was for them.
"It was nerve-racking," Mariani said. "Anything could come down at you at any moment and crash into you."
Mother nature pounded nature, and the energy of severe thunderstorms far outmatched the We Energies grid on the ground. Some 115,000 customers lost power overnight. According to a We Energies spokesperson, it's the first time the company has seen more than 100,000 outages since 2005.
In the City of Waukesha alone, firefighters and police answered more than 100 calls. Fallen branches ripped more than 40 power lines.
"The rain was coming in like crazy too, just beating on the windows," said resident Miranda Couch. "Just a lot of noise from the storm."