Request to ban 2 books at Waukesha schools denied

CREATED Aug 20, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- Two novels Waukesha parents thought were too racy for the library will stay on the shelves.

A Consideration Committee unanimously voted to deny the requests to ban the books Wednedsay afternoon -- this comes after a previous vote to reject a parent's request to ban the book "Looking for Alaska."

“The Kite Runner," and "Chinese Handcuffs" are two books that’ve got Waukesha parents fired up.

Kari Schulte’s kids are 6 and 8 – too young to read the novels. But she’s read them.

“It's a very disturbing book. There’s lots of controversy. From what I understand that's kind of the author's mantra I guess," mused Schulte.

"We feel that the novels depict real teenage lives that goes on,” explains Waukesha West Principal David LaBorde. “Are there things that happen that are unfortunate in real life? Yes, there are."

Schulte says she doesn't think the book should be removed from the shelves. But she does think the school should alert parents what's in the book before teens read it.

"I could go on and on – there’s drug abuse, suicide, rape, incest, murder," says Schulte.

She's here to support other parents, who want the books pulled.

“Even though “The Kite Runner” is in the curriculum” explains LaBorde, “If a parent doesn't want their child reading it, the parent can make a request to the teacher and they’ll substitute it for another book.”

"The Kite Runner" is read in 11th grade English.

Now that the request to ban both books was denied, parents who disagree can appeal to the Board of Education.