Report: More than half of congress are millionaires

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- For the first time ever, more than half of the current members of congress are millionaires.

A new study out by the Center for Responsive Politics says at least 268 of the 534 current members of congress are millionaires, according to numbers from 2012.

This means every state most likely has at least one lawmaker on the list, including Wisconsin.

Congressmen Tom Petri (R-6th District) and Paul Ryan (R-1st District) made the list, along with Senator Ron Johnson (R). Petri and Johnson's average net worth both equal around $25 million. Paul Ryan’s net worth exceeds $5 million.

Those not making the list include Senator Tammy Baldwin (D), who is worth just under $800,000. Also, representatives Mark Pocan (D-2nd District) and Ron Kind (D-3rd District) both fell below the million-dollar threshold.

The congressman who topped the list is Darrell Issa (R-CA). His net worth averaged around $464 million, mostly from his car alarm business.