Dirty Dining

Repeat visit to south side noodle shop

CREATED Mar 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - For the second time in six years, Vientiane Noodle shop at 35th and National Ave. is getting a visit from Dirty Dining.

Last week, a Milwaukee health inspector wrote up ten violations and issued the restaurant a $107 fine.
Problems included "food utensils that can't be properly cleaned," "a sticky build up of grease" on several pieces of kitchen equipment, and "food debris along the wall behind and under equipment."
Vientiane Noodle Shop responded to Dirty Dining with this statement:

This is in response to your visit to our establishment today and the recent health inspector’s report. Of the violations we received including adjusting temperature of water in crock pot used to store rice paddlers, adjusting temperature in vegetable cooler, replacing plastic colanders with stainless colanders, removing crates under sink, posting current restaurant certificate (posted one expired), build up of grease on the ingredient cart next to cooking stove, and washing hands in food sink, all have been corrected except for the one and only violation asking us to replace the textured stucco walls with a smooth/cleanable material in one of our side rooms.  We definitely intend to make this change prior to the next inspection in September.  Restaurants are inspected every 6 months and Sue Blaustein from the City Health Department has inspected our establishment before.  It’s odd that these so called violations were not brought up in the past which would suggest to us that these violations are nothing alarming or news-worthy.  Although we understand things can be missed even in a small restaurant as ours.  The health and safety of our customers are priority since they are the heart of our business and we intend to make whatever changes needed to be kept up to code.