Repeat drunk driver plotted to kill Milwaukee family

CREATED Apr 29, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The accused drunk driver who nearly killed a Milwaukee County sheriff's deputy last October has a dark skeleton in his closet.

Two nights before Halloween 2013, Hutchins' car collided with protective median barrels, went airborne then collided with Deputy Scott Griffin's squad car.  Griffin recounted that crash in a special report.
Retired Brown Deer police officer Gregory Heyrman crossed paths with Kevin Hutchins long before the infamous crash.
"It was very chilling," Heyrman said of his encounter with Hutchins two decades ago.
TODAY'S TMJ4 uncovered the sinister crime in Hutchins' past.  He faced charges in 1992 for plotting with a teenage girl who wanted her family dead.  
In a motel room, Hutchins and the friend met an undercover police officer who they thought was a hitman.  Gregory Heyrman was that undercover officer.
"She wanted me to kill her mother, her step-father, her little brother and little sister," Heyrman recounted.  "She said they had made life difficult for her."
Hutchins was at her side.
"Kevin Hutchins was in that room," Heyrman said.  "He facilitated that meeting."
Ironically, Heyrman says Hutchins was studying to become a police officer.
"That didn't turn his life around at all and he continued down the wrong path," Heyrman said.
TODAY'S TMJ4 reported on the crime in 1992.  Heyrman's identity was concealed in that story because he served on a drug task force unit.
Hutchins is currently in custody at the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility, according to online inmate records.  He is scheduled to go on trial in June for charges stemming from the alleged drunk driving crash in October.  Hutchins is scheduled to be sentenced on unrelated sexual assault and battery charges next week.
It is unknown what became of the girl or her family in the plot.  Records are limited because she was arrested as a juvenile in 1992.
Hutchins attorney, Kristian Lindo, declined comment for this report.