Repeat drunk driver back in court after fatal crash two decades ago

CREATED Jun 5, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A repeat drunk driver who was convicted of killing someone in an accident two decades ago was back in court for drunk driving. This time he had a kid with him.

Patrick Johnsen thought he'd never again see the man who killed his brother in a drunk driving accident 23 years ago.

Dean Rauch was back in court for drunk driving. He shuffled in, wrists bound together. He made no eye contact with Patrick Johnsen, who first saw him back in 1991. Johnson says Rauch was driving drunk and killed his  21 year old brother, Thomas Johnsen. Tragically, he's the second Johnsen sibling killed by a drunk driver.

"Mom and Dad had a history of dealing with this type of thing,” explains Patrick Johnsen. “In 1957 they lost a one year old girl in a car wreck."

Rauch's latest charge stemmed from a February traffic stop, when cops got a call of a drunk driver in a mini-van. To make matters worse, there was a four year old with him.

According to the criminal complaint, the officer saw a child in the front seat - without a car seat or a seat belt. When he asked Dean why the child wasn't properly restrained, he responded, that's a good question!

"That’s the clincher right there. Intoxicated and having a kid in a car," exclaims Patrick Johnsen.

Thursday, Patrick sat in court, all alone. He tells TODAY’S TMJ4 the rest of the family just wants to forget about the past. Still, he remembers the good times he shared with his younger brother.

"We had a lot of camaraderie and friendship. He was a good guy," recalls Johnsen.

While Patrick was able to find some closure today, he says he'll never be fully healed from the pain of losing his brother.