Mayor Barrett meets with Dontre Hamilton's family

CREATED Sep 2, 2014 - UPDATED: Sep 2, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The family of a Milwaukee man killed by police is claiming a victory.  

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett met with Dontre Hamilton's mother and brother on Tuesday after demonstrators carried an empty casket into city hall.
"It took us to hit the streets to get their attention," said Marie Hamilton, Dontre's mother.  "We're here and we're going to be here."
Hamilton's family and their supporters staged what they described as a funeral reenactment. 
Led by Reverend Steve Jerbi of All Peoples Lutheran Church, they marched from the shooting location in Red Arrow Park to the front door of the mayor's office.  
The Hamilton family continues to express frustration that investigators have released few details about the officer-involved shooting in April, including the name of the police officer who shot and killed Hamilton.  
An aide to the mayor invited the Hamilton family to meet privately with Barrett.  The discussion in Barrett's office lasted about half an hour.
"One of the things that they made clear to me is that they're interested in is restoring the dignity of their son," Barrett said. "I want our community to know that he was neither homeless nor was he an armed robber."
The district attorney's office is reviewing the case.  Barrett said he anticipates a decision in the "relatively near future."
Hamilton's brother, Nathaniel Hamilton, called the meeting a "step in the right direction."  He vowed to continue public demonstrations until the family's questions are answered.