Rainy weather gives teachers and students an extra challenge

CREATED Apr 28, 2014

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  • Rain full background Image by MGN Online

GREENDALE -- Schools are having to get creative because of the gloomy weather in the forecast.

College Park elementary school principal Karry Owens-Bur says it can be challening to keep kids focused when the weather is bad.

"It's hard to motivate kids when it's raining all week."

Owens-Bur says the school focuses on keeping kids active throughout the day, using online tools like activity videos to break up sitting inside into fun periods.

"[The teachers] will just stop everything, turn one of those one, and just give the kids a chance to dance, jump up and down, and get the wiggles out."

Included in that, Greendale Schools have three days a week of Physical Education - and the gym teacher at College park has added fitness stations to Fridays in order to keep the kids moving.

Besides that, Owens-Bur says parents can help by walking kids to and from school if the rain is light enough.

"Even walking with an umbrella, the kids get a kick out of that."

Owens-Bur says being active with your child is a great way to help them unwind at the end of the day.