Rainy Wisconsin weather gives homeowners a start on spring spruce-ups

CREATED Apr 12, 2014

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 RACINE - Storms raced through southeast Wisconsin Friday, giving people a reason to look inward, at their homes. The question of the day...is your home ready for Spring? We met a man with the answers, Floyd Eck, an associate at Ace Hardware in Racine.

"They come in and say I've got this problem and I help them fix that problem," said Eck.

Just as April showers move in, customers want to be sure their homes can weather the storms. So, Eck says start with the gutters.

"Is it possible that you have a clean gutter after the winter we've had?" asked TODAY'S TMJ4's Michele Fiore.

"Uh, very unlikely," said Eck.

"What happens if you don't clean your gutters and they're dirty?" asked TODAY'S TMJ4's Michele Fiore.

"Well they'll eventually plug up and then they overflow," said Eck.

Eck recommends using a scoop to remove the debris, a hose attachment and a down spout extension. Moving on to sump pump discussion...Eck says to be sure yours still turns on.

"Take the lid off. Dump a five gallon bucket of water in it, and it'll pump it out. If it doesn't pump it out, you better check it," said Eck.

Check this out too. Over the long winter, gaps can form in a home's foundation. Eck says you need to find those gaps and seal them up.

Despite warmer temperatures and rain, not everyone's thinking Spring right now.
We asked Racine resident Cloe Anton if she has done any home improvement projects on her house so far.

"This year? No, it's been too cold," said Anton. She said she can't even think about it right now.

It's not his house, but his car that's got John Abbott running to Ace Hardware. Rust formed over the winter on his rear windshield wiper.

"Rustoleum paint for uh, going on top of this to get rid of some of this. I'll sand a little bit of this," said Abbott.